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Alberta Arts makes its appearance as a unique district in Portland, Oregon. Alberta Arts District Portland OR also resides within the neighborhood of Concordia, east of downtown. A mix use area of commercial and residential interests, the district owes much of its notoriety to the features of Alberta Street.

Alberta Arts District Portland OR has an eclectic vibe and attracts flocks of bohemians, hipsters and couples. Its hip atmosphere also provides a refuge and creative enclave for a variety of artists. Real estate in Portland here affords much opportunity for an exciting and trendy lifestyle.

Alberta Arts Portland Real Estate Details

Alberta Arts Portland Real EstateSince this vibrant district garners plenty of popularity from many types of people, its Portland OR real estate also garners much desirability. Homes in the Concordia, Alberta Arts area are highly valued. Many properties here also represent great investment opportunities. Alberta Arts Portland real estate includes the added advantage of remarkable walkability and bikeability in a mix use, lively atmosphere with boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, micro breweries, pizzerias, even vegan cuisine. Beautiful historic, well established and new homes pose nearby, including condos, townhomes and single family homes with plenty of price and curb appeal.

For those with a penchant for living in the Concordia, Alberta Arts District, expect plenty of engaging features and opportunities both in the Portland homes for sale, and community attractions. Expect a welcoming ambiance, together with plenty of residential livability amid every convenience and unique attraction. For interested investors, expect to find ample opportunity for investment homes, flipped homes, and multi-family properties. Opportunities for both home buyers and investors where home values are on the rise include neighborhoods close to Alberta Street.

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A place replete with alternatives, Alberta Arts District Portland OR lets visitors and residents alike experience a regalia of ethnic and upscale shops, side by side, within just a short walk. Popular festivals also draw attention and attendance. They include The Alberta Art Hop, an art festival each year in May. Find out more.